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Airlie to Darwin to Sydney to Norway

24 february - 4 march 2007

From the bus left Airlie and till I was at the hostel in Darwin, 30 hours had gone by.... And in Darwin it rained and rained, so I went shopping for gifts to take back home to Norway :) and met norwegian Marte :)
Back in Sydney on the morning of 28 february my hunt for a specific cereal began... :) (it went on for 24 hours :))
While it was going on I also went shopping for more gifts and some clothes for myself. They looked weird at me when I bought 4 jumpers in warm and sunny Sydney :D Ha Ha And I also tried to pack my bag.... Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha


When I was walking over the street in Sydney down near central, I suddenly saw Waves Surf School's bus with Wayne Ducat as the driver and Kellie with Zoe on her arm collecting the customers money. Of course I went over to say hi :D We talked for a bit and Kel suggested I'd jump on the bus and go say hi and good bye to Vic at surf camp, but unfortunatly I had clothes being washed at the hostel, so didn't dare take the risk of losing my clothes. The bus left and I said bye to Kellie. I sure am going to miss my home in Australia, mostly surf camp but of course the snow as well. Thanks guys for taking such good care of me during my year away from home :) means a lot to me!!! :)
Later that night I went to the movies and saw "Pan's Labyrinth", good movie but some disgusting scenes....auch auch auch
This being my last time in Sydney, I finally got my ass to the Chinese Garden Of Friendship, and it was very nice. Diffucult to get some nice photos though. I also went to Paddy's Market and then later to visit Pål( a friend from home that I went to school with). We had some vodka cruisers and Pål made some food for us. Thanks!! very yummi :) We both were tired, so instead of going out I went back to my hostel and my bed there. Nice night :)
The next morning I went to Sydney Tower - nice view :) and oz trek. Later on I just walked around, taking a few photos and enjoying my last breath of air in Australia(for this time :))
At the international airport it all went quite quick, the check in and boarding :) Nothing much happened on my journey home to Norway. I saw a couple of movies - "Marie Antoinette", "The Queen", "The Illusionist" and "Dreamgirls" - in Kuala Lumpur we went off the plane and then on again. And in Vienna I changed planes, so I did some duty free-shopping there :) When I landed at Oslo airport in Norway I ran to the toilet, I ran to get a trolley, I ran to get my luggage and I ran out of there.... And there I was welcomed home with a purple sign my sister had made and both norwegian and australian flags :) so nice!!! By my mum and dad, my brother and sister, my aunt and cousin :) after I had tasted some "Imsdal" again and hugs had been given out and my sister gave me her jacket and some photos were taken, we walked out to dad's new car. Me of course in no shoes, still just thongs Ha Ha Ha Ha So of course my cousin had to take some photos of that :) Back home I ran out of the car and in to the house, saying "hi" to Christian(my sister's boyfriend) and giving him a hug before I ran upstairs to see my cat, Lucky :) she's still little and looks like a kitten, sooo cute :)
I had a quick shower before I handed out gifts and showed my 15 stiches scar and we ate some pizza. A bit later we had coffee and cakes - I absolutely love VERDENS BESTE!!! :)

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pics 8







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Airlie & The Whitsundays

19-23 february 2007

I took the ferry back to Townsville from Magnetic Island and went window-shopping - in the few windows that were there.... Ha Ha
After another 5 hours or so on the Greyhound bus, I jumped off in Airlie - that was wet wet wet, but the hostel was nice and warm with a huuuuge tv :)
The next morning I went sailing with Tallship Derwent Hunter. Got to say I really like sailing now!!! :) We went to (names might be a bit wrong...) Hayman Island, Sid's Island, Hook Island, Whitsunday Island & Langford Island. But the only islands I actually stepped on was Whitsunday and Langford :)
Back in Airlie I've done absolutely nothing....as it has been raining and it's only one street.... Ha Ha

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Magnetic Island

16-18 february 2007

After 5 hours or so on the Greyhound bus from Cairns, I jumped off in Townsville and got the ferry over to Nelly Bay on Magnetic Island. The hostel had a pool and was right ON the beach, so it was 3 days of typical "sydenferie" Ha Ha

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Cairns & Cape Tribulation

13-15 february 2007

After spending the night on airplanes & Melbourne airport, I landed in nice & hot Cairns :) At the hostel I took a quick shower and then got my ass to the postoffice. F i N A L L Y got to send "snusen" to Marte and a package full of gifts :) home to Norway :) When that was done I went shopping :) in a japanese store I got dressed up in Kimonos with shoes and the girl working there even put my hair up :) fun experience :) in Australia.... Ha Ha After eating a very tasty burrito at a Mexican Restaurant, I went to the cinema. "Miss Potter" is a cute movie :)
The next day I was picked up 7:30 in the morning after only 2 hours sleep....so the start of my 2 day trip to Cape Tribulation was sleeeeepy :) but I did wake up for our first stop "Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary" very nice place :) Then we drove to the centre of Port Douglas. After almost falling a sleep again I went off the bus when it stopped and a short walk at Mossman Gorge -scary bridge!!!- before lunch. When we arrived at the river we jumped on a boat and saw a middle-sized crocodile on land, crabs in the mud, a frog in the tree, a young(small) crocodile and then big 4,5 meter long crocodile next to the boat... :) cool!!! :)
In Cape Trib I stayed at The Beach House - a jungle right down to the beach. Next day I enjoyed the jungle, beach and pool :) Back in Cairns I had some dinner before I went to the movies again. This time I watched the very good "Notes on a scandal".

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The almost empty westcoast...

6-12 february 2007

Tuesday 6 february I got picked up by WesternXposure outside my hostel. There was the usual toilet & brekky-stop before our first tourist attraction..The Pinnacles in Nambung National Park. Cool!! :) Before sandboarding we had lunch at a cosy little beach at Green Head :) We stayed the first night at Kalbarri. And the next morning we had to get up at 05:00AM!!!!......crazy!!!! We saw the sun both rise & set that day :) That early early morning we drove to Murchison River Gorge in Kalbarri National Park, where we saw Z-bend gorge & Natures Window. Nice!! After lunch, at one of those "roadhouses" along the road, we went to Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve. There we saw heaps of rocks that's alive...."Stromatolites"...Not that they did anything that proved it.... Ha Ha Before we reached Denham, where we stayed the night, we had a stop at beautiful Shell Beach :) just a little bit too shallow to swim... :)
Since we already was in Shark Bay World Heritage Area we only had a short drive to Monkey Mia. Which is famous for it's dolphins & pelicans...at least the pelicans should be HaHa :) We had a barbielunch with the emu's before we left to go see some sharks from Eagle Bluff Lookout. We stayed the night at Coral Bay, so the next day we could do whatever we wanted. I enjoyed the amazing beach :) :) We drove further up to Exmouth that day. The day after our first stop was Vlahming Head Lighthouse, then we found heaps of info at the Visitor Centre. And since we already was in Cape Range National Park we had a look at Yardie Creek and enjoyed Turquoise Bay - lunch, swimming and snorkelling over Ningaloo Reef. :) For dinner we had B U R R I T O :) :) :) :) :) :) yummi yummi yummi!! Since it was Kat's(Belgium) birthday we also had balloons, hats and trumphets :) Nice night! The following day was the longest drive. We drove all the way from Exmouth to Northbrook Farm Stay. First thing we did the next morning was to go visit Prince Leonard & Hutt River Province :) very cool!!! :) I got new stamps in my passport... :) The prince itself guided us around his province & told us a whole lot in a short time. Right outside the border Sarah(our driver & guide) picked up a bobtail lizard to show us. Weird little creature that was biting it's own tail... Ha Ha Further down, towards Perth, we stopped at Greenough Wildlife Park where we fed & had a look at different animals, and had lunch. In Perth I had dinner with Laura before I went to the airport, flying to Cairns.

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pics 7

may 2006

Oh my...laura sorry I just had to steal them :D

it such a long time agooooo hilarious :D

fun fun fun



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Kangaroo Island

30 january - 5 february 2007

I didn't really do much in Adelaide before my trip with Surf'n'Sun. Which I went on wednesday 31 january, got picked up by our guide, Simon, early in the morning. After picking up everyone, a nice group of 13 + 1 guide, we drove off to Middleton Beach. Where we caught some killing waves :)
Afterwards we had a barbie in the bosses frontyard before we drove to Victor Harbour. There we saw Sealink - the most expensive ferry!!! While we jumped in two fishing boats :) It was like a rollercoaster over to Kangaroo Island HA HA fun fun fun :) when we got save on land we were soaking wet...at least parts of us :) HA HA
On our way to Surf'n'Sun's camp/farm on Kangaroo Island, we stopped at a nice lookout where Simon told us about the islands history & what kind of animals we'll most likely to see. And which ones we would really want to see - as they are older than the dinosaurs....

The reason Kangaroo Island got the name they do, is because when the white fella asked the aboriginals "What are they called"and pointed at the kangaroos. The aboriginals didn't understand and said "kangaroo" - which means "I don't understand" & the white fella thought that was what it was called....
And kangaroos definitly do act as they don't understand when they run in front of each and every car driving past them....

After dinner at the camp/farm we went to look for pinguins. Tiny tiny pinguins :) cute as...
The next morning our first assignment was to take photos of the Remarkable Rocks, which we did very well. We played some rollercoaster again, this time with the 4wd van :) fun fun fun before we had a look at New Zealand fur seals. nice!! :)
Right before lunch, we had a stop at Flinders Chase Visitor Centre(the best one I've seen so far :)) After lunch we enjoyed the beach by sunbathing, swimming, sleeping, snorkelling and playing.

:) What a wonderful life :)

After getting sunscreen and saltwater on our bodies, we drove off to Little Sahara for some S A N D B O A R D I N G!!! :)
Our last day on Kangaroo Island, we went on the "Hanson Bay Hike". After a few small lookouts(the nature made itself) and a little bit of wildlife(guana, echidna etc.), we found Simon sitting by the river and enjoying his drive to the other end of the hike(while we had walked for 3 hours :)) hahaha
Our hike ended by the ocean, and we got to see some amazing white beaches :) We had lunch back at camp and Simon made us get time for Australia's no.1 beach :)
I can definitly get the no.1 about that
Simon dragged us off the beach - he had to - cause we had an appointment at Seal Bay. There we went down on the beach where the seals were, with out own personal guide. nice nice nice :)
Our drive from Seal Bay to Penneshaw was one big party!! Loved it!! :)
Since our two fishingboats didn't show up, we got to take the expensive Sealink-ferry back to Victor Harbour.

Right before I was about to leave Adelaide, I had an interesting experience...
I was a hairmodel for Toni&Guy on the Hair & Beauty SA Expo. Which was fun fun fun and free colour & cut :)

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pics 6








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Hair & Beauty SA Expo

4 februar 2007

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This is what I did on the morning of 4 february :D

fun fun fun :)

And with the stage-make up still on I took a bus to the airport, where I had the best meal :)



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